Speaking About Varnasrama Volume 1

speaking about varnasrama

A friend of mine recently shared a book with me that I found most interesting. This first volume, Speaking about Varnasrama, focuses on Srila Prabhupada’s actual spoken conversations and lectures about varnasrama. This post includes a brief descprition of Srila Prabhupada taken from back cover of book, as well an the table of contents.

It can be ordered from the site Exoitc India

It is a good book for anyone interested in the Varnasrama System and Farm Community Development.

Speaking About Varnasrama Volume 1

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Compiled by Hare Krsna-devi dasi
Edited by Suresvara-dasa

Published by The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

About the Author
In this work, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the foremost Vedic scholar and teacher of the modern age, and author of than sixty volumes of authoritative annotated translations and summary studies of the philosophical and religious classics of India, presents a vision of a spiritual society. Criticizing a mode society based on industrialism, materialism, and a callous disregard for the workers who support it, Srila Prabhupada calls for a spiritualized•social structure. Citing Bhagavad-gita, he advocates varnasrama, dharma, a social institution in which people gain spiritual satisfaction and spiritual advancement by doing their daily work as an offering to God.

Though his vision is based on Vedic scriptures of India, Prabhupada faults the modern caste system as a perversion of scriptural injunction. But India is not alone, he states, for materialistic social structures around the world impede spiritual progress. Thus, in the forty conversations, lectures, and interviews in this volume, we hear him present a society where occupations are determined by character and training, not by birth and wealth; a society based on opportunity and maximizing human potential rather than on stagnancy and oppression; one based on mutual appreciation and cooperation between classes rather suspicion and disdain. We hear about a society which is inclusive rather than exclusive, a society based on simple living and high thinking rather than on wealth and greed. Above all, van, uarnasrama society Prabhupada describes is consciously organized to bring each kind of person closer to the actual goal human life, attaining a loving relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna.


Preface v
Biographical Sketch ix
Listing of Historical Farm Communities xii
Conventions Used in this Volume xiii
Pronunciation xiii
Varnasrama Categories xiv
Contents xv
Introduction 1
Montreal, July 16, 1968-Mutual Respect in Varnasrama 8
New Vrindaban, June 9, 1969-Different Duties for
Different Kinds of People 12
Moscow, June 22, 1971-Spiritual Communism 22
London, November 25, 1973-Get Your Necessities from the Land 33
Los Angeles, December 31, 1973-False Wealth or Real Wealth? 42
Vrndavana, March 12, 1974-Varnasrama Walk: Working is Also Preaching 48
Vrndavana March 14, 1974-Varnasrama College 59
Vrndavana , March 15, 1974-Varnasrama Walk: Chant Hare Krsna and Draw a Plow 73
Hyderabad, April 20, 1974-Guru Gives Varna Guidance 79
Rome, May 25, 1974-Morning Walk at Villa Borghese-Grow Your Own Food 85
Rome, May 27,1974-Petroleum vs. Ox Power 90
Rome, May 28, 1974-Eskimo Self-sufficiency 100
Geneva, June 6, 1974-Every Man Should Own Some Land 101
Mayapur, April 3, 1975-Food Grains or Factories 108
Vrndavana, April 20, 1975-Harnessing Natural Inclination 110
New Orleans, August 1, 1975-New Talavana Farm-How to Utilize the Bulls 119
New Orleans,August 1, 1975-New Talavana Farm-Machines and Unemployment 126
Mauritius, October 2, 1975-Self-sufficiency or Commercial Production? 135
Mauritius, October 3, 1975-Illusory Progress 139
Mauritius, October 5, 1975-They Will Be Attracted by Our Training Power 140
Johannesburg, October 16, 1975-Krsna Consciousness: The Peaceful Revolution 143
Mayapur, March 1976-Good Government Means Good Training 154
New Vrindaban, June 22, 1976-Agriculture: The Noblest Profession 160
New Vrindaban, June 24, 1976-Plain Living, High Thinking 162
New Vrindaban June 26, 1976-Ugra-Karma in the Factory 173
Washington, D.C., 8, 1976-Vedic Civilization is Training 176
New York, July 14, -Simple Living, Good Health 180
Philadelphia, July 15,1976- Gita-nagari Farm-Living as Krsna Lived 181
Paris, August 2, 1976-New Mayapur Farm-Prabhupada on Cow Care 186
Paris, August 3, 1976- New Mayapur Farm-Home Grown is Best 188
Hyaderabad, August 22, 1976-Not by Birth, But by Traning 193
Hyderabad, August 22, 1976-Brahmana Guidance For Ksatriyas 200
Chandigarh, October 16, 1976-Varnasrama is Not the Caste System 201
India, January 11, 1977-Train to Allahabad-Localized Economics 204
Bhubaneswar, January 21, 1977-Artificial Banking Systems 212
Mayapur February 14, 1977-Varnasrama System Must Be Introduced 216
Mayapur, February 15, 1977-Four Varnas to Solve Four Problems 229
Vrndavana, May 27, 1977-From the Cities to the Villages,/b> 234
Vrndavana, October 6, 1977-“Made with Our Own Wool” 239
Vrndavana October 8, 1977-Krsna-Balarama Temple:”I Wanted to Introduce This” 240
Vrndavana, October 18, 1977-No Success Without Varnasrama 241
Why is Varnasrama Important? 242
A Varnasrama Mission 252
Village Organization 277

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Hasti Gopala dasa
    Jun 19, 2019 @ 10:56:36

    Should be an interesting HISTORICAL read. However I do not purchase anything sold by the BBT but that is just my preference. I have the large three book volumes that were hand bound by a certain devotee about 10 or more years ago that he titled Make Vrndavana. Apparently Srila Prabhupada used those two words many times. Nothing in North America will collectively take place regarding Varnashram
    as long as we are distracted by other matters, some political, lack or loss of trust and leadership and worst of all no communication. Regular communication and development of real trust by anyone stepping up to leadership rolls must come first. Any takers?


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