ISKCON Bangalore files a complaint to Commissioner of Police

ISKCON Bangalore files a complaint to Commissioner of Police

June 4th 2011, Bangalore.
To: The Commissioner of Police,
Infantry Road, Bangalore city.

Dear Sir,

Sub: ISKCON Mumbai representatives planning to visit ISKCON Bangalore Temple once again on Sunday, June 5th, 2011

As you are aware, on Friday, June 3rd the representatives of ISKCON Mumbai visited the ISKCON temple in Rajajinagar and tried to forcibly enter the temple. We have informed the representatives of ISKCON Mumbai that they should act within the framework of law and initiate the legal process for any change and not just walk in. Despite this they made an attempt on Friday afternoon and it has resulted in media carrying news in bad taste.

Again the devotees of ISKCON Mumbai are attempting to come to the temple on Sunday, June 5th between 7 am and 11 am. We have received SMS messages that describe their plans for Sunday.

We have also obtained the legal opinion of a retired High Court judge, Justice Sri Jagannath Shetty, on the matter of Supervisory Committee constituted by ISKCON Mumbai and the same is enclosed for your perusal. The Honourable Judge has stated that the action of ISKCON Mumbai in setting up the Supervisory Committee is in utter violation of the High Court order. He says it is not only illegal, but also unjust.

Under these circumstances, we request you to provide us police protection to the temple on Hare Krishna Hill especially on Sunday, June 5th, 2011.

We also request you to provide protection to prevent ISKCON Mumbai representatives from storming in to the temple illegally and unjustly.

Thanking you,
Yours in the service of humanity,
Chanchalapathi Das,
Vice President,
ISKCON Bangalore.

Pasted from

ISKCON Bangalore files Complaint to Police

June 4th, 2011 Bangalore.
Bharatarshabha Dasa,
Head Public Relations,
Hare Krishna Hill,
West of Chord Road,
Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

The Station House Officer,
Subramanyanagar Police Station, Bangalore

I am a devotee of ISKCON Bangalore. We had received information from the press that our Temple was going to be attacked by ISKCON Mumbai. In accordance with this press information, me and other devotees were standing in front of our Temple, to defend our temple from any such attack.
At around 06.00 P.M, a group of vehicles, about ten in number came in a convoy, to our temple. The group was led by Dayaram Das, Varada Krishna Das, Anukul Kesava, Murali Shyam and some unidentified persons, were there in the group. I was assaulted and physically manhandled by Anukul Kesava dasa(aka Ashok Kumar Gupta), during this time, and I was showered with abuses by the said person. I saw the above persons come in the following cars KA 03MK 2026 Honda Accord(brownish gold colour), AP 05BA5042(white Maruthi Versa or Ecco not sure) and KA 01 MD 1506- spark Chevrolet.

I was also shoved and pushed around by a person, who was accompanying the group, and whom I can identify, if shown to me.

I have been threatened by these people very badly, and I am now in fear for my life and safety.
I have suffered minor injuries to my body also.

Kindly register a case against the said persons, for coming to our temple to incite communal violence, and creating a scene.

Thanking you,
Bharatarshabha Dasa,
Head Public Relations,
ISKCON Bangalore.

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