Temple of the Vedic Planetarium World Tour


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The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium [TOVP] World Tour 2015-2016

A special Temple of the Vedic Planetarium [TOVP] World Tour is now being organized, carrying with it Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s divine lotus shoes and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s sitari (helmet) from the Mayapur Chandodaya Mandir, accompanied by His Grace Jananivas prabhu, His Grace Radha Jivan prabhu, and His Grace Vraja Vilas prabhu.


TOVP Chairman Ambarisa prabhu will also be present at many of the programs.


The Tour will begin Spring 2015 in North America from March through July.

World Tour confirmed Cities/Temples for North America

The following is a list of temples to visit from March 15 through June 30 (15 weeks). Presentations are scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday at most locations and a few weekday presentations while driving between temples.

Date Temple/City Country

March 14 (Saturday) Alachua, FL United States

March 15 (Sunday) Dallas, TX United States

March 18 (Wednesday) St. Louis, MO United States

March 20 (Friday) Denver, CO United States

March 22 (Sunday) Hillsboro, NC United States

March 28 (Saturday) Philadelphia, PA – Rama Navami United States

March 29 (Sunday) Harrisburg, PA – Rama Navami United States

April 4 (Saturday) Ottawa, ON Canada

April 5 (Sunday) Montreal, QC Canada

April 11 (Saturday) Detroit, MI United States

April 12 (Sunday) Chicago, IL United States

April 17-19 (Fri./Sat./Sunday) Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton Canada

April 25 (Saturday) Portland, OR United States

April 26 (Sunday) Seattle, WA United States

April 29 (Wednesday) San Jose, CA United States

May 2-3 (Sat./Sunday) Los Angeles, CA – Nrsimha Caturdasi United States

May 9 (Saturday) Laguna Beach, CA United States

May 10 (Sunday) San Diego, CA United States

May 13 (Wednesday) Phoenix, AZ United States

May 16 (Saturday) New Orleans, LA United States

May 17 (Sunday) Houston, TX United States

May 20 (Wednesday) Charlotte, NC United States

May 22-24 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) Sadhu Sanga Retreat – Boone, NC United States

May 26 (Tuesday) Pittsburgh, PA United States

May 27 (Wednesday) New Vrindaban, WV United States

May 29-31 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) Toronto/Brampton Canada

June 5,6,7 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) Atlanta, GA – Panihati/Rathaytra United States

June 13-14 (Sat./Sun.) New York, Brooklyn – Rathayatra United States

June 20 (Saturday) Baltimore, MD United States

June 21 (Sunday) Washington, D.C. United States

June 27 (Saturday) Edison, NJ United States

June 28 (Sunday) Towaco, NJ United States

Honorable Guests


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