Bhaja Bhakata-Vatsala Srī-Gaurahari (Sri-Bhoga-Arotik)

This was the song that Srila Prabhupada introduced to be sung at the noon Bhoga-Arotik when offering Krishna His lunch

Bhaja Bhakata Vatsala
By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur

Just worship Sri Gaurahari, who is always affectionate toward His devotees. He is the same Supreme Godhead, Krsna, who sported in the cowherd pastures of Vraja and stole the hearts of Nanda and Yasoda.

Mother Yasoda calls to Krsna, “My dear Damodara, it is very late. Please come right now, sit down in the dining hall, and take Your lunch.”

On the direction of Nanda Maharaja, Krsna, the holder of Govardhana Hill, sits down, and then all the cowherd boys, along with Krsna’s elder brother, Sri Baladeva, sit down in rows to take their lunch.

They are then served a feast of sukta and various kinds of green leafy vegetables, then nice fried things, and a salad made of the green leaves of the jute plant. They are also served pumpkin, baskets of fruit, small square cakes made of lentils and cooked down milk, then thick yogurt, squash cooked in milk, and vegetable preparations made from the tower of the banana tree.

Then they receive fried squares of mung dahl patties, and urad dahl patties, capatis, and rice with ghee. Next, sweets made with milk, sugar and sesamum, rice flour cakes; thick cooked-down milk; cakes floating in milk; and sweet rice.

There is also sweet rice that tastes just like nectar due to its being mixed with camphor. There are bananas, and cheese which is nectarean and delicious. They are also served twelve kinds of sour preparations made with tamarinds, limes, lemons, oranges, and pomegranates.

There are puns made with white flour and sugar; puns filled with cream; laddus; and dahl patties boiled in sugared rice. Krsna eagerly eats all of the food.

In great ecstasy and joy Krsna eats the rice, curried vegetables, sweets, and pastries cooked by Srimati Radharani.

Krsna’s funny brahmana friend Madhumangala, who is very fond of Laddus, gets them by hook or by crook. Eating the laddus he shouts, “Haribol! Haribol!~’ and makes a funny sound by swapping his sides under his armpits with his hands.

Beholding Radharani and Her gopifriends out of the courters of His eyes, Krsna eats at the house of mother Yasoda with great satisfaction.

After lunch, Krsna drinks rose-scented water. Then all of the boys, standing in lines, wash their mouths.

After all the cowherd boys wash their hands and mouths, in great bliss they take rest with Lord Balarama.

The two cowherd boys Jambula and Rasala then bring Krsna pan made with betel nuts, fancy spices, and catechu. After eating that pin, Sri Krsnacandra then happily goes to sleep.

While Krsna happily takes His rest on an excellent bedstead, His servant Visalaksa cools Him with a fan of peacock feathers.

At mother Yasoda’s request the gopi Dhanistha brings remnants of food left on Krsna’s plate to Srimati Radharani, who eats them with great delight

Lalita-devi and the other gopis then receive the remnants, and within their hearts they sing the glories of Radharani and Krsna with great joy.

Thakura Bhaktivinoda, whose one and only Joy is the pastimes of Lord Hari, sings this Bhoga-arati song

Bengali lyrcis follow…


bhaja bhakata-vatsala śrī-gaurahari
śrī-gaurahari sohi goṣṭha-bihārī

belā ho’lo dāmodara āisa ekhano
bhoga-mandire bosi’ koraho bhojana

nandera nideśe baise giri-bara-dhārī
baladeva-saha sakhā baise sāri sāri

śuktā-śākādi bhāji nālitā kuṣmāṇḍa
dāli dālnā dugdha-tumbī dadhi mocā-khaṇḍa

mudga-borā māṣa-borā roṭikā ghṛtānna
śaṣkulī piṣṭaka khīr puli pāyasānna

karpūra amṛta-keli rambhā khīra-sāra
amṛta rasālā, amla dwādaśa prakāra

luci cini sarpurī lāḍḍu rasābalī
bhojana korena kṛṣṇa ho’ye kutūhalī

rādhikāra pakka anna vividha byañjana
parama ānande kṛṣṇa korena bhojana

chale-bale lāḍḍu khāy śrī-madhumańgala
bagala bājāy āra deya hari-bolo

rādhikādi gaṇe heri’ nayanera koṇe
tṛpta ho’ye khāy kṛṣṇa jaśodā-bhavane

bhojanānte piye kṛṣṇa subāsita bāri
sabe mukha prakhāloy ho’ye sāri sāri

hasta-mukha prakhāliyā jata sakhā-gaṇe
ānande biśrāma kore baladeva-sane

jambula rasāla āne tāmbūla-masālā
tāhā kheye kṛṣṇa-candra sukhe nidrā gelā

biśālākha śikhi-puccha-cāmara ḍhulāya
apūrba śayyāya kṛṣṇa sukhe nidrā jāya.

jaśomatī-ājñā pe’ye dhaniṣṭhā-ānīto
śrī-kṛṣṇa-prasāda rādhā bhuñje ho’ye prīto

lalitādi sakhī-gaṇa avaśeṣa pāya
mane mane sukhe rādhā-kṛṣṇa-guṇa gāya

hari-līlā ek-mātra jāhāra pramoda
bhogārati gāy ṭhākur bhakativinoda

Lyrics and Text pasted from; Krsna Kirtan Songs

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  1. Prahlada-Nrsimha das
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 20:19:39

    This song is so beautiful, thanks to you for posting it and thanks to Bhaktivinoda Thakura for giving it to us!


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