“The Greatest Exponent of Krishna Consciousness in the Western World”

“The Greatest Exponent of Krishna Consciousness in the Western World”

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to you.

All Glories to You and only You for submerging this earth planet with the Glories of Lord Sri Krishna (The Holy Name).

All Glories to You and only You for being “The Greatest Exponent of Krishna Consciousness in the Western World.” It was You that came up with that phrase to be put under your pictures in all of your books. Somehow? That phrase had been removed from your books, but I have been assured it was going to immediately be put back under your picture in all of your books again.

The response I had received was that the BBT leaders had no idea that it was missing nor how it had happened. I think I know…… due to the imperfect senses there are those who have forgotten who you are, and therefore it was ignored. Yet those same imperfect senses allow your books to be ravaged with changes.

I pray they humble themselves to bring back the Original Books as they were perfect, are perfect and always will be perfect. A small grammatical change may occur, but what has been done appears to be major. Therefore since we are all so covered, they should have been just left alone.
All Glories to You and only You for being the “Greatest Exponent of Krishna Consciousness in the WHOLE World “as before you came into this world even India was forgetting who Krishna is and beginning to give up all religious principals. Most people were worshipping everyone but Lord Krishna. They had ignored Lord Krishna and it was………..

You and only You who re-established the Divine Pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, the Origin of all Names, Forms, and Incarnations of Himself.
All Glories to You and only You for re-establishing the Glories of Vrindaban, so that now it is the center of attractions of all of India. And the first stop in Vrindaban for all pilgrims is the Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, that is giving mercy to all the fallen conditioned souls as they enter the Supreme Abode of Lord Sri Krishna and loudly chant the Holy Name by your unlimited mercy. When I had first arrived in 1973 it was a simple village with a handful of people coming. You are the culmination of the Mercy of all the Goswamis.

All Glories to You and only You for establishing the highest level of Deity worship on the planet, which has surpassed every Temple in the world.
All Glories to You and only You for teaching the whole world everything that they now know that they never would have known without your tender loving guidance. Whether they left and went to another Guru or became expert in Sanskrit or have translated books or have themselves become a Guru, would they have known one iota of anything without your Mercy?

Would they have even known what the word is, such as nitya-siddha, guru-tattva, Gauranga, without your advent to this world? Would they have known who is Narayana Maharaja, Sridhar Maharaja, or His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja Srila Prabhupada without your mercy? Would they have known how to eat, worship, or breathe without your instruction?

Yet they so easily forget and minimize your position, and now think themselves to be great scholars and preachers and Gurus and Acharyas and Gurupadas and Vishnupadas and Acharyadevas.

All Glories to You and only You for going to the Bowery of New York. I have gone to your room with a devotee to take pictures years ago, and had to hold my nose to enter the environment due to the stench. What you have done for all of us we should hold our heads in shame if we forget for a second! We should hit our heads on the floor if we for one second let our egos take over to think we are capable of anything without your mercy. Any accomplishment we have made we should know it is You and only You!

All Glories to You and only You for the all the tireless evenings and days and mornings that you spent writing the books which to this day are perfect and complete and have not one iota of irregularity, since you have so clearly explained that it is Krishna who has written them and you were the Divine medium for their entrance into this world.

You yourself would read them and take pleasure in their beauty as a perfect incarnation of Sound that has been manifested for all of humanity for 10,000 years.

Who can say they are now unauthorized and should be changed, and edited and added to with inserted anecdotes? Who can say that even one letter should be changed? When mahaprasad is being offered to you even though it may not have enough salt or the potatoes are hard or it may need more sugar, who would go back and re-cook that which has already been offered?

Please Srila Prabhupada, try to help those who don’t know who you are to understand, because I fear for the reactions they will suffer for these great offenses and blasphemy. They are under the influence of Maya to think that Your Divine words should be changed as there is sufficient documentation left by You to show that they will remain as they are for 10,000 years.

Now a precedent has been set and more will feel the need to make changes and where will it stop? In a class you have stated the worshipable nature of your books and it would shock me to think that they are now “unauthorized”, and that the now revised and edited editions are the authorized editions because they have been edited by and modified by a conditioned living entity. It was your original books that changed my life. Is my life now unauthorized?

All Glories to You and only You for Spreading the Holy Name to every town and Village. We were walking in Nellore, AP, India on a morning walk. I heard a man who had visited the Gaudiya Math in Madras state that one Swami there had said that “if Chaitanya Mahaprabhu wanted to have the Holy Name spread to every town and village he would have done it himself!” You gloriously lifted your cane and in a powerful voice said,
“He has left it for me!”

What does that say about who You are? Who can make such a statement? Only you, because you can! I can only imagine your personal relationship with Lord Chaitanya. I have heard various statements made by you hinting at who you are.

But one thing I do know is you defy all human speculations on your position as to which one of the confidential associates of Lord Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu you are, and I am the luckiest jivatma in the universe to have been initiated by you, and to have had even 1 second of your association. I don’t require anyone but you. You are my Living Guru as you have mentioned what is the question of Living Guru? Guru is eternal!!!!

You have written everything there is to read to attain the ultimate. There is no one but you to truly guide the planet for 10,000 years and All Glories to You and only You because without you, all the persons that think you are just a normal nitya-siddha or a self-realized soul would have been steeped in the depths of Maya, still reading the many thousands of books written by Mayavadis and Bogus Gurus without your mercy. They fail to understand how pervasive your mercy is, because they fail to understand you.

All Glories to You and only You because we can search into the depths of history and not find the achievements of anyone that has accomplished what you have done for the planet to guide the living entities back to Godhead. It is an achievement that has been prophesied for thousands of years, and yet there are those that still wish to deride your position and play with words.

It will not matter because far beyond my life on this planet, you and all the eternal confidential associates of the Supreme Lord have a plan and you are the architects and orchestrators of the Golden Age, and no matter what I do I cannot change that. So therefore allow me to be a puppet on strings for your pleasure and if there is anything you want me to do for your pleasure, please instruct me, as you have done the last few mornings between 1 and 4 am. Because I know that what I have written is again coming from your Divine hand and you are and always will be my Living Guru.
All Glories to You and only You………….

Because it is You and only You that have given me the opportunity to know anything!

Your Servant,
Sravanananda das (HDGACBSP)

Please forgive me if I offend any devotee as it is not my intention. We all know there are many exalted Vaishnavas. But in a short time the one Most exalted Vaishnava, Shaktyavesha Avatar that has changed the whole world has been minimized and it is our duty as Srila Prabhupada followers to know who he is and not allow anyone to consciously, in the name of Preaching under the banner of Hare Krishna (to which Srila Prabhupada is directly responsible for this service to humanity), minimize him or try to change anything he has taught us.

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